Lost and Found
This is not the place to find that 11th grade history textbook you
lost or the bathing suit that escaped from the locker room after
swimming. We're looking for information concerning
classmates we are not able to contact
Scott Sprague has been kind enough to volunteer his time to
updating the whereabouts of the class. Even if you know where
you are (and there may have been times in the past when you
didn't), we may not know. We would very much like to know how to
keep in touch with you. Please take a moment to help us keep
updated as to your contact information. This can be accomplished
by clicking here to be taken to a form on this website to update and
submit your information. Alternatively you can contact Scott
directly by either email or by mail. His address is as follows:
Address: 12288 E. Cortez Dr., Scottsdale, Az. 85259

Please help us contact more of our classmates! Please review the
attached list of missing alums and provide any input you can to
help update our files. Please either email Scott or use the Classmate
Update Form which is linked to the list.