Dear 1968 LEBO Classmates:

As you may or may not know, the Mt. Lebanon Class of 1969 is
having their 40th high School Reunion the same October 10th
weekend as we did last year. As many of you may want to say hello
to some of those 1969 graduates/friends or have more time to talk to
our own classmates that you didn't get a chance to talk to at our own
reunion we have rented in South Park the picnic facility/Grove
named "Black Ashes" which is around the corner from the
Allegheny County Police Station in South Park.

The Grove will be available to us on Saturday the 10th from 11 A.M.
to 10 P.M. so please join in. I for one am going to get a Parkview
Pizza hoagie to eat so I won't have to cook or do any work. Suite
yourself with the food and drink department as it is BYO for
everything. The event is FREE to all. We have a license for beer or
alcohol but no glass containers are permitted. We expect some of
the 1969 classmates to be there on Saturday with us in
South Park as well.

The class of 1969 is having their Friday night party at Molly
Brannigan's in Mt. Lebanon on Friday the 9th and I imagine we could
stop in there as well to say hello.

Directions to the Grove are as follows:

Go to the end of Corrigan Drive (the main road through South Park)
and make a right onto Brownsville (at the old main Fair Grounds)
and go about 1000 feet to the first left onto Farm Show Drive at the
top of the hill on the right is the Black Ashes picnic area. If you get
lost ask the County Police at their barracks next to the old Buffalo
Inn, where the Black Ashes Grove is.

I am sending this out to most of the in town classmates but if you
know someone who is coming to town on that weekend please
forward this to them as all 68 grads are more than welcome.

Hope to see you there.

B Good